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AGM vs Gel Batteries

If you look at the Owner's Manual that came with your Power Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter you will see that most can use either Gel or AGM Batteries. However, what you may not know is the major difference in their longevity. Gel type Batteries last as much as 80% longer than AGM batteries under the same usage conditions.

When we say "Longer", we do not mean they will take you further on a charge, they are about the same in that department. We mean they will potentially last up to 80% longer over time because they can be recharged a higher number of times before they become too weak.

For example, say you use your scooter daily and you draw down roughly 25% of the charge in the batteries each time. Under those conditions, according to AGM Battery specifications, the AGM battery may be recharged up to 1,100 times. Now, under those same conditions, a Gel Battery can be recharged up to 2,000 times, 80% more!

Below are Two graphs. The left side numbers reflect the number of times (cycles) the batteries can be recharged. The bottom numbers represent Depth of Discharge. Basically the percentage of charge, on average, used before you recharge the batteries fully.

The bottom line. If you're shopping for replacement batteries and you're looking at AGM, multiply the price by 1.8, then compare that price to the MK equivalent Gel's. We're sure the Top Quality MK Gel Batteries will come out lower priced and you will not need to replace them as often.